Adrienne Enns


Adrienne Enns, Toronto

Intentional Joy

In her own words, the most courageous thing Adrienne Enns has ever done was to choose to love herself.  Her recovery from alcoholism meant choosing herself over and over again in so many painful, raw and beautiful ways.

Difficult times showed Adrienne that she didn’t want to be defined by her worst moments. If she was going to such great lengths to turn things around, she didn’t want life to be simply status quo ~she wanted her life to be incredible and joyful and beautiful and rich and big. Adrienne chose to live her life on purpose.

This journey would lead her to the dissolution of her marriage; friendships falling away and the creation of an incredible life she leads today as a happy single mom, entrepreneur, Chief Joy Curator, yogi and deeply joyful person.

Adrienne Enns is a master certified life coach and Chief Joy Curator at May You Know Joy Inc.  Through her popular line of intention cards, coaching and workshops, Adrienne inspires and empowers people to live intentionally creating their lives on purpose.   Learn more at

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