Jane Lump

Jane Lump, Indiana

Loving from Scarcity to Abundance

 Raised in a small, close-knit Midwest community as part of a large Catholic family, Jane had what she thought was a pretty traditional view of love. Her early worldview was primarily a pastoral scene in black and white, with little room for shades of grey. Based on her experiences, Jane believed that love was earned, and that it was, in fact, a finite gift that should be closely guarded and shared only sparingly with those who had earned the right.

Over the years, Jane became a voracious learner who regularly fed her soul with poetry, art, and great literature.  She built a successful high-powered career, travelled extensively, and had what appeared to be a very successful life. But some how, love had always eluded her.

It wasn’t until she was six decades into her life journey that a chance reconnection with a friend from the past revealed the amazing truth. Real love is flexible, brave, risky, and renewable.  Real love is rooted in vulnerability and feeds on courage. Today she finds that the more she taps into the vulnerability at the source of love, the more she masters that quickly moving and somewhat frightening current that carries her forward to the next adventure.

Jane Lump is a reader, writer, innovator, lifelong learner, and facilitator of innovation and change who believes you should never confuse making a living with making a life.  Today, she is lucky to combine both living and life while helping individuals and groups discover their passion, define their goals, and align to advance their mission. Learn more about Jane’s work at  www.stratinnovation.com and visit www.writingtoyoursself.com to learn more about her passion for writing.

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