Raymond DePaola

Raymond DePaola, New Hampshire

To the Brave Storytellers

Growing up in a white middle-class family in a small city in New England, Ray DePaola believed that everyone had the same life he did; similar challenges, similar experiences and the same opportunities. He found this comfortable and convenient until he didn’t.  As Ray grew unsettled, he was called to explore beyond the familiar. He began to see that the playing field wasn’t always even; that he was afforded advantages many others weren’t and that the challenges they faced were very different, very real and for some, ran very deep.

Confronted with the reality of privilege, in a time where discrimination and inequality have moved to the forefront, Ray discovered that bravely sharing his story and encouraging others to do the same brings us closer together and unites us in our humanity. Exposing our vulnerability and bearing witness to our stories moves all of us forward on the path of healing. Ray will explore the perspective of privilege; how we can redefine masculinity today and what it takes to be sensitive and vulnerable in an environment where men are encouraged to hide behind power and bravado. He will explore the courage it takes to confront the painful and sometimes ignorant choices of our past to heal and move forward together.

Ray DePaola is a master certified life coach and owner of Sunrise Journeys where he brings his compassionate, open hearted wisdom to the coaching relationship. Ray holds the coaching space sacred and builds trust through honest dialogue with his clients. Ray deeply listens to his clients; hearing, seeing, and feeling what is being shared beyond the words.  Learn more at www.sunrisejourneys.com

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